Side Hustles

As for Door Dash, all of that finally got approved! I am set to Dash! I am going to try out Dashing on Wednesday for about an hour and see how that goes! As far as I know Dashers are guaranteed $10 per hour and they get to keep 100% of all tips. I only have an hour to Dash that day, so my goal is to get in anywhere from 1-3 dashes within that hour. So, I know I’m guaranteed at least $10 an hour, I can’t calculate in the tips just yet. So, I will have to just see how much I am tipped that day. My goal is to make $20 in an hour on my first dash. I will post how all of that goes after I try it out. So, I also decided to sign up for Uber eats. Now, compared to door dash, they are much more thorough when it comes to safety of their drivers. Probably cause they also have ridesharing so doing more background check into drivers histories makes more sense. They also offer discounts for car maintenance which is totally awesome. I was approved to drive for Uber eats in less than 24 hours. No errors, nothing went wrong it was smooth compared to door dash. So far I am happy with Uber. My plan is to try out both Door Dash and Uber eats so that I can do a personal review between the two and decide for myself which one I like more. Honestly, cause I’m doing this for some extra money to pay off debt, I might stock with both of them and just bounce back and forth. I have heard of other people literally bouncing between. They will use both at the same time. I personally don’t think that should be tried out when its the first time doing it. I will try out Uber eats on Friday and I have more time that day, like 3 hours. I tried looking for a guranteed rate on Uber and I couldn’t really get an official rate but as far as I can tell the average uber driver makes anywhere from $8-$12 per delivery. Since I have 3 hours that day my plan is to try making 9 deliveries. I also couldn’t get an official answer on tips, but I know Uber takes 20% of what the driver makes. So, I little more complicated than Door Dash. My goal with Iber on the first day is to at least make $10. That’s for deliveries, any tips (hopefully) and after uber takes their cut. I am starting out low so I can get a feel for how it really works on a personal level so I think $10 is reasonable for the first day. Both of them pay you every Monday through direct deposit, but it also can take anywhere from 1-3 days for it to show up in your account, so I’m not expecting any pay from either of them until Thursday next week. I will write a post on how Uber went for me on Saturday. So, I will see you all on Wednesday! πŸ™‚


Door Dash! Finally able to put in bank information after 4 days!

Finally Door Dash came through! As of last night I was able to put in my bank info in the Dasher App! Now, I’m just waiting for it to be confirmed and then I can try out a dash and see how it goes! I for sure thought that I would just continuously keep getting e-mails from their support telling me the same thing over and over. I am so glad that it finally got resolved. Although, it did take them four days to do it. I also did a thing yesterday…I ended up submitting a one star review, but as soon as my bank information is confirmed then I will update that review to at least three stars. I don’t feel that I should give more. Not unless I get an apology or something equivalent. Opinions anyone? So, for this side hustle I will be talking about how long it takes for bank information to be confirmed and then moving on to scheduling and completing my first dash. Are you curious about anything to do with Door Dash? Let me know! πŸ’œπŸ˜

Door Dash #5

I woke up this morning and this time I didn’t have any e-mails from Door Dash Support. Now, I am not entirely sure what to think, but I am hoping that they took my last e-mail seriously and they are finally trying to fix it. On the other hand it is very possible that they just ignored my last e-mail and have decided to not e-mail me back. At this point, only time will tell. If this continues then I will do as I said in the e-mail. What are your thoughts? πŸ’œπŸ˜

Door Dash and my frustration

I had another member of their support team contact me and say “we will get back to you soon” So, in my frustration I sent this…

Again, ive heard good reviews from numerous people about Door Dash. Both as customers and as dashers. But, this is just getting ridiculous. What are your thoughts? I have been reviewing them since Sunday. Does anyone have any questions about this experience so far? Let me know in the comments! πŸ’œπŸ˜

Door Dash #3

Be warned! This…will be a very short post. At least until I have more to “report” on. 😁 So, as of this morning, Door Dash Support has not contacted me back yet. I haven’t lost hope just yet! I will continue to wait patiently and hopefully they will get back to me sometime today! For now, I am off to work! In the meantime, tell me what you all do for work? Are you full time or part time? Do you enjoy your job? What would you change? What is your dream job? Let me know in the comments! πŸ’œπŸ˜

Door Dash #2 (update)

Door Dash has just contacted me, but the only thing they said was how to enter in my bank info into the Dasher App and if I have any errors show up then to show them a screenshot. Or, if I have any questions, to go ahead and ask them. I thought I already explained what was happening when I first sent them an e-mail last night. πŸ€” So, I just e-mailed them back to let them know (in a calm manner) that I have been trying to enter my bank info into the app and that I never got a chance to enter in any information so that I could get paid when I finally start. I also sent them a screenshot of the error message that I was getting. At this point I’m a little more annoyed. It’s probably going to take them another 24 hours just to get back to me. Door Dash has high reviews on their app. People in the reviews are saying that they like Door Dashing because it’s an easy side hustle for some extra cash and they like that they can choose when they want to work rather than being scheduled automatically. My question now…is Door Dash really worth the hype? Was it just stupid luck that I couldn’t enter in the info I would need in order to get paid? The person from Stripe did say that it was a common error message and that it’s on Door Dashs’ side and not theirs. Who knows? 🀷 We shall see what tomorrow brings! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! πŸ’œπŸ˜

(on an unrelated note, this app use to let me add in tags before publishing and now it doesn’t. Can anyone help me find the add tags option?)

Door Dash #2

I contacted Stripe support and showed them the error I was getting just to be told “we can’t do anything for you, you will have to contact Door Dash support.” So, I immediately sent Door Dash Support an e-mail about my issue and it said it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours for them to get back to me. 😩 So, here I am…waiting for an e-mail back. I went to work today and throughout the day I kept checking my messages, checking the Dasher App and checking my e-mail. Occasionally sigh… I am still excited to try it out though! I’m curious as to how it will be and how much I’ll end up making. Hopefully they will resolve it soon. I’m hoping before Wednesday because that is when I was going to give it a try. I work my normal job 9am-2pm and I have an hour and 30 minute window to go Dashing before I will have to pick up my daughter from school. So, I feel a bit hopeful and kind of annoyed but who knows how this will all play out. The important thing to do right now is to be patient and wait it out. 😊 That is where I am at with Door Dashing experience right now. Does anyone here work for Door Dash or know of anyone who works for Door Dash? Did you or them have any trouble with setting up your bank info? Did you have to contact suport? How long did it take them to respond back to you? I want to know all about your stories, your experience with Door Dash. Even if you only use it to order food. Share your experience and thoughts with me in the comments!! πŸ’œπŸ˜